How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Sciatica & Five Other Disorders That May Surprise You

Massaging the legs and back, or making use of other techniques such as ice or heat, can provide some temporary relief of symptoms. But in order to really resolve sciatica, it’s necessary to correct the spinal imbalance that’s causing it in the first place. That’s where chiropractics comes in. By performing the right adjustments in … Read more

Why Do Athletes Seek Chiropractic Care? Choice of Sport May Be A Factor.

Why? Because chiropractic treatments feel good after a tough game or match, like hot tub jets or a Swedish massage, but they serve a deeper purpose in terms of health, wellness and athletic performance. Explore the actual practice of chiropractics and what it does – Chiropractic treatment aims to correct spinal imbalances which, left untreated, … Read more

How Does Spinal Health Affect Everyday Life?

Fewer headaches People with chronic headaches—especially migraines—often have spinal misalignment problems in their upper spinal column and neck. When this part of the spine is out of alignment, crippling headaches often result. A restricted supply of blood to the head and brain may be one of the reasons for this. Patients might think the headaches … Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chiropractors

1. They’ve been through a lot of training In order to complete their professional training, New Jersey chiropractors log thousands of classroom hours in a surprising range of medical subjects, including everything from neurology to biochemistry and pathology. The typical time required to become a chiropractor is 7-8 years, including 3-4 years of undergraduate education … Read more

How Do I Find the Right Chiropractor for Me?

No two cases are exactly alike, and different patients have different priorities—but there are always a few key things to look for in your search. By seeking practitioners in New Jersey who exhibit most or all of the traits listed below, you can maximize your chances of finding a practitioner who will deliver tangible, meaningful … Read more