About Us

We help families achieve health. Our primary form of treatment is the chiropractic adjustment yet our process is focused on education. You are your best doctor and we understand that you can take better care of yourself than anyone else. This is why we choose to help our patients self-manage. Many health conditions can be solved on your own – we are here to help you achieve that.

Our mission is to offer exceptional family wellness care by teaching principles of self management that constantly work towards building health within the body.

Health does not require a prescription. We believe that by optimizing movement, diet and nutrition the body can be put into a position of healing. Every service offered at Point Chiropractic Center is designed to help you move better, eat healthy and find happiness!

We promise that you will not be pressured into any long term treatment plans. We will give you our best recommendation based on your personal concerns.

We specialize in state of the art chiropractic care, nutrition and life coaching management.

Address chronic illness and dysfunction with holistic care and functional medicine provided by Functional Integrative Therapeutics. FIT’s integrative medicine provides diagnostic testing, comprehensive health analysis, patient education and a customized plan to achieve optimum health outcomes. Visit functionaldoctornj.com for more information.